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The most powerful protection against burnout
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The most powerful protection against burnout

Bye-bye burnout!

When overloaded, our body releases large amounts of extremely harmful free radicals. Under normal circumstances, the body eliminates them on its own. But when burnout is looming, there are so many that the body can't handle them. It needs our help!

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Free radicals damage cells, causing us to fall ill. Their formation is a normal everyday process in our body. The body neutralizes them promptly, thus preventing them from causing damage.

But mental and physical overload speeds up free radical formation enormously. Often, our body can't cope with such an onslaught. If we don't help it, the risk of burnout goes up. The risk of cancer, cardiovascular, and other serious diseases also increases.

The risk can be reduced with the help of antioxidants. Antioxidants donate an electron to the free radical. The latter is thus stabilized, no longer causing damage in the body. There are many different antioxidants. The stronger and the more appropriate their combination and concentration, the greater their effect.

Enduranza® contains just that: the most potent combination of the most effective antioxidants found in nature.

What are the essential advantages of Enduranza®?

1. It's the most powerful protection against physical burnout

The most important ingredient of Enduranza® are natural polyphenols. These are the most potent antioxidants or free radical scavengers known today. Even a single tablet contains a large enough dose of polyphenols to diminish fatigue and burnout.

The most effective antioxidants are produced by trees. These can't move and hide from UV rays, wind, cold, or damp. They don't have a developed immune or antioxidative system. That's why they've developed protective substances. Among them are polyphenols. In our body, similarly as in a tree, they have antimicrobial activity and neutralize free radicals.

2. It acts on the whole body - even where other products fail

Enduranza® is the only product in the world containing Abigenol®. This ingredient is not only the richest source of natural polyphenols, but also acts where other substances don't.

Our body can't absorb and utilize polyphenols with high molecular weights. For this reason, Abigenol® contains almost exclusively polyphenols with low molecular weights, which are easily absorbed by the body.

So Abigenol® acts not only in cells, but also in intercellular spaces, where the vast majority of other antioxidants fail. In many of them, the molecules are so big that they act only locally, in the digestive tract.

3. It contains a unique combination of vitamins and minerals for even greater potency

Enduranza® covers 50 - 200% of daily needs for vitamins B1, C, D and E, selenium, zinc and iron.

The combination of these vitamins and minerals additionally strengthens the antioxidant effect of polyphenols, thus helping to reduce fatigue and exhaustion even faster.

For greater safety and performance, all the vitamins and minerals are natural or in natural forms.

Patented substance from forests in the heart of Europe

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How is it possible that one of the world's most potent antioxidants is hidden in forests?

When scientists discovered that trees are a source of extremely potent antioxidants, they started checking all of them, from various parts of Europe. They found out that deciduous trees develop large polyphenol molecules, unsuitable for consumption. Conifers are more suitable due to polyphenol substances with low molecular weight, which can be easily absorbed in the body. Their effect is thus fastest and strongest.

It has been shown that of all conifers, the silver fir (Abies alba mill.), which grows deep in Slovenia's pristine and unpolluted forests, contains the highest concentration of these polyphenols in its bark. The Abigenol® extract is obtained from this very bark. That's why we can rightly claim that it is the richest source of antioxidants found in nature.

The key ingredient of Enduranza®, the Abigenol® extract, is obtained from this bark and patented.

When and how to take Enduranza®?

Take Enduranza® as soon as you feel overburdened.

And at the very latest when you've been tired for some time and unable to rest.

Take it when neither sleep nor a longer rest can help you. When you can't sleep at night after a hard day. When on a strenuous day you experience anxiety, irritability, or memory problems.

If you have a lot of work, exercise too little, and don't eat a healthy diet, take Enduranza® every day.

Administration is extremely simple:
1 tablet a day on every stressful day.

One tablet with some liquid is sufficient for a day. It's best to take it with or immediately after a meal.

Take it every day when you feel stressed. For the best protection, take it for a further 14 days after the stressful situation to clear your body of free radicals and regenerate its functions.

Enduranza® is totally safe even when used daily over a prolonged and continuous period of time.

The best effect is achieved by regular preventive use.

Free radicals are formed all the time and need to be neutralized regularly. Even when we feel that "it's still not serious enough", changes are already under way in the body that are weakening resistance and leading to exhaustion.

Enduranza® can also be taken as prevention to prepare for periods of high stress or increased mental and physical exertion. This reduces the risk of physical overload and weakened resistance.

Totally safe dietary supplement


Enduranza® has no side effects - except positive ones.

More than 400 extensive scientific research and clinical studies of natural polyphenols from conifers have been published over the last 40 years. These have shown that natural polyphenols are safe, powerful, and effective, offering various beneficial effects on human health.

Extensive safety testing has shown that its ingredient Abigenol® is completely safe to take even in high doses.

Enduranza® does not contain sweeteners, lactose, yeast extracts, gluten, (artificial) coloring or preservatives. Enduranza® is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It does not contain any genetically modified ingredients.

All ingredients in Enduranza® are in a form and composition that are familiar to the body. That's why they are safe and efficient.

Vitamin C from acerola cherries is 100% natural and contains no additives. Iron is in its divalent form, which is best for absorption by the body. Absorption of iron is further enhanced because the vitamin C in Enduranza® is natural. The vitamin E in Enduranza® is in its most active form, like in nature, which ensures its safety and efficacy. The zinc is also in an organic form, meaning that it is familiar to the body and safe. The vitamin B1 (thiamine) has an effective form that is well absorbed by the body, like the one found in cereals. The selenium is in an organic form, as in food, and therefore well accepted by the body. The vitamin D, too, is in a form that is known to and best absorbed by the body.

What is the composition of Enduranza®?

Besides its key ingredient, Abigenol®, which has already been described, Enduranza® also contains acerola cherry powder. The latter contains a very high concentration of natural vitamin C, even up to 32 times higher than that found in oranges. Adequate amounts of vitamin C help prevent fatigue, irritability and moodiness.

Another valuable substance found in Enduranza® is Vitamin E. It is a well-known and effective antioxidant that has been proven to reduce the level of oxidative stress in the body, thereby protecting cells from the harmful effects of free radicals. Hence it reduces the burden of free radicals in the body and consequently improves our well-being.

Vitamin D is also a significant ingredient of Enduranza®. Recent studies have shown that vitamin D helps elevate the mood and relieve fatigue. This is seen particularly in the winter months.

Lack of sunshine depresses the mood, since vitamin D is formed in the skin under the influence of sunlight. Studies have shown that supplementation of vitamin D improved the mood in as much as 90% of people.

Selenium is vital for the proper functioning of the body's own antioxidant enzymes (mechanisms). Selenium intake has been associated with a general uplift in the mood and in particular with a decrease in fatigue, exhaustion and anxiety.

Zinc is needed by the body for more than 300 different enzymes. Each enzyme has a specific function, such as cell proliferation, immune system enhancement, protein synthesis, wound healing, and vision. So zinc deficiency also often results in fatigue and exhaustion.

Vitamin B1 or thiamine helps the body convert carbohydrates into energy which the body then uses for numerous functions, such as the proper functioning of the nervous system, muscles and heart. Thiamine deficiency is often reflected in fatigue, irritability, poor memory, and sleep disturbances.

Iron is responsible for ensuring that some five billion cells in our body are supplied with oxygen. If iron is deficient in the body, our energy starts to run low, and we become tired. This can lead to chronic fatigue or exhaustion and increased susceptibility to infections. The iron in Enduranza® is combined with natural vitamin C. This allows for even better absorption of iron in the body.

How to avoid exhaustion and burnout?


Protect your body. Try Enduranza®, the most powerful protection against burnout.
You will notice its effects very quickly.

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